This is about two enemies: Kant, the city hero and Jeremiah, the city criminal/villain. One fight lead to the villain breaking his arm and finally the hero had the advantage to arrest him. With that task short-lived and with no other choice, Kant had to take Jeremiah home with him. As the risks were high with keeping such a dangerous criminal, feelings start to form between the two enemies. WARNING: Contains Boy Love! If you don't like, you don't have to read if you don't want to^^ Updates on Saturdays!


Here are the characters of my comic, "Special" Care

Kant Cast Pic Kant Shurgo
Kant is one of the main characters in the comic, he's 23 years old and he's the uke. He may not look like an uke or act like a uke, but trust me, he is when in the bedroom. He's also has lighting powers and is head of Supernatural HQ. Kant is a kind hearted person, he puts other people before himself. He never breaks a promise and is helpful. But, he can be really serious and sometimes rude and mean when something annoys him or makes him upset. You don't want to be in a room with a pissed off Kant, you really don't. He hates Jeremiah with a passion, he hates how cold hearted he is. But, overall he's kind and sweet^^

Jeremiah Cast Pic Jeremiah
Jeremiah is another one of the main characters, he's two years older than Kant, 25 and he's the seme. Not at first, but he is. He's evil, he causes havoc in the city with his darkness powers. He's also rude, mean, cunning and cold hearted. He not afraid to hurt your feelings, he'll say what's on his mind to hurt you and he will succeed! He doesn't care about anybody but himself. He loves to cuss, his favorite thing to say is Flying F***. He also cusses alot when he's stressed, worried or mad. He hates Kant as well, they're enemies. But, he's the one that falls for Kant first.

Elonda Cast Pic Elonda
Elonda is a supporting character, she's one of Kant's apartment neighbors. She's a very sweet woman with 3 kids. She's divorced, so she's a single mom now. She cares about her kids alot, so she tries to keep them from learning any bad examples. That's gonna be hard when Kant and Jeremiah are doing each other across the hall....

Mr. Gadomska Cast Pic Mr. Gadomska
Mr. Gadomska is another apartment neighbor of Kant's. He's a cranky old man with some life in him. He fought in WWII and Vietnam War, so he's tough as freaking nails! He wants people to call him General Gadomska as well... He loves to take naps and sleep, but gets very mad when people disturb him. Hopefully he doesn't cockblock Kant and Jeremiah...XD!

Nuzzle Nuzzle
Nuzzle is Kant's cat, yes the cat has a cast pic. Anyway, Kant had Nuzzle ever since she was a kitten. Still acts like one too^^ Kant named her Nuzzle because every time Kant pets her, she'll nuzzle her head on his hand. She loves to stare at interesting things for a LONG period of time, she'll stare until she gets bored. She scratches when people bug her too much, and pick her up by the collar. Jeremiah hates cats, and Nuzzle doesn't really like him either. So, fair game^^

More characters will be added soon!!